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*NEW AC120-76C details test
requirements Part 91 operators

DO160G RD & EMI Testing & Documentation

Without testing, iPads are simply consumer devices lacking FAA controlled manufacturing processes or standards. The good news is with proper testing and documentation, iPads that pass, can be used to support paperless ops.

In order to qualify an iPad for paperless ops FAA/CAA require operators to comply with EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) and RD (Rapid Decompression) standards and testing. GlobalNavSource tests to the recognized standard RTCA DO160G.

Individual serial number testing full suite. Includes RTCA Rapid Decompression, EMI step 1 & Lithium battery power documentation. Each iPad is tested & placarded. $200 +UPS shipping/handling.

 *Expedited +$100/unit

Individual serial number RD only. Includes, Rapid Decompression testing & Documentation only. Each iPad is tested and placarded. $200 +UPS shipping/ handling

 *Expedited +$100/unit

Individual serial number EMI only.Includes, EMI step 1. Each iPad is tested and placarded. $200 +UPS shipping/handling

 *Expedited +$100/unit

Individual serial number Lithium Battery Documentation only. Includes Lithium battery power documentation. Each iPad is tested and placarded. $200 +UPS shipping/handling

 *Expedited +$100/unit

Blanket/Representative sample testing and documentation. $2500 A single iPad is tested as a representative sample. *see FAQ +UPS shipping/handling


EMI Step 2 test plan & 8110 documentation $2500 / aircraft type


*24 hour Expedite service for any of the above (weekdays) per unit add $100

Units received by Wednesday will ship out by Friday. Units received after Wednesday will ship by the
following Friday. Choose Expedite if needed sooner.

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iPad 2

iPad Pro/iPad mini/iPad Air TESTED RTCA DO160G RD/ EMI (step 1) PASS (Allow 7-10 days for iPad procurement, testing and shipment. If expedited service is required please call to discuss options.)

Select iPad Pro 11-in. 128GB (2nd generation), iPad Air 256GB (3nd generation), or iPad mini 256GB (5nd generation)

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