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PUNTA GORDA, FL --March 16, 2012--GlobalNavSource , the world leader in iPad testing & certification for aviation, today announced that their first iPad 3, has successfully passed the Rapid Decompression or RD test.

RD is one of the FAA requirements for pilots seeking to use iPads in lieu of paper charts. It ensures the device will continue to work in the event of a loss of pressurization. This can be particularly important over mountainous terrain where the pilot may need the chart available to avoid the high terrain during the descent.

"This is good news for aviation," said Jeffrey Ariens, CEO of GlobalNavSource. "We are always concerned each time a new iPad is launched that we continue to have a reasonable percentage of units able to pass the required DO160G standards," continued Ariens.

Wayne Belleau, GlobalNavSource Director of Quality, added, "While this is good news it is certainly not utopia. As with previous iPad models, manufacturing is not FAA controlled and different sublevel components are common. Because not all iPads are the same, and not all iPads pass, each unit is individually tested in order to ensure a level of safety equivalent or better than paper," he said.

"Representative samples have proven that there are PASS units and FAIL units with no way to determine whether a unit will meet the higher standards for aviation without actual testing," continued Belleau.

Also required is an EMI or Electromagnetic Interference test to ensure the iPads do not interfere with cockpit avionics. This testing is even more critical since, as consumer devices, iPads do not meet avionics standards. GlobalNavSource employs a two-step testing process performed on each iPad with step one completed in the Lab and step two on the aircraft. Passing the two-step process is what allows pilots to operate the devices in all phases of flight, while passengers with untested devices must power-off below 10,000 feet.

GlobalNavSource will continue testing iPad 3 models for EMI over the next few weeks as aviators anxiously await the news as to whether the latest iPad has a chance for cockpit use.

About GlobalNavSource

Headquartered in Punta Gorda, Florida, GlobalNavSource is the world leader in iPad testing & certification for aviation use. GlobalNavSource developed the iPad apps EFB, TechPubs and ARINC AeroMilBag to support paperless charts, weather and content management for aviation users ranging from GA to Corporate, Charter, Airline and Military. For more information on products or to get your iPad tested visit GlobalNavSource at or visit ITunes for free trial apps.

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