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Do I need to test all my iPads or a single one as a representative sample?

When iPad first came to market, GlobalNavSource began testing single units as a representative sample. Typical cost for a DO160 RD test $2500. What we found was that all iPads were not passing. Apple may use different sub-level components and they do not tell us what components are in each iPad. Because of this GNS setup a cost effective means to bulk test iPads at $200/device. Devices that pass get a placard so they are easy to identify in field inspection.

Testing by device has several other benefits besides insuring the unit is a PASS. Customers can get the full suite of tests accomplished at once to include Step 1 EMI & Lithium battery documentation in addition to RD. This actually saves time & money by eliminating the need for the operator to conduct Step 2 EMI aboard the aircraft with every iPad. Under this program only one placarded iPad needs to be tested in order to qualify all placarded iPads since they receive Step 1 in the Lab.

Customers can still opt for the single unit test as a representative sample ($2500) and GNS will provide appropriate documentation. This may be desirable if a customer has a large quantity of iPads. FAA may later require the individual testing anyway once they realize that all iPads are not created equal and some do not pass, so there is some risk involved with this approach.

How much does Step 2 EMI cost and can we do the testing ourselves?

Most of our customers opt to have our DER write the test plan for their particular aircraft type. The customer’s maintenance personnel can perform the testing and return the results to the DER. The DER will issue an 8110 upon receipt of passing test results. Cost for Step 2 EMI is $2500 per aircraft type. iPads must have Step 1 and a placard to qualify under the blanket approval. Without Step 1 every iPad would need to be tested against the aircraft due to individual variations.

FAA seems to indicate that damage could be done to a unit that is tested for RD, do we need to worry about the test affecting the units?

In the case of iPads, RD testing does NOT cause any damage or wear on the units. We have tested thousands of units and have had no issues. We have a company iPad 1 that has ridden the chamber 100s of times to 51,000’ and it still works fine.

What happens if my iPad does not pass?

If you have an iPad that does not pass RD we will retest another unit for you at no charge. iPads that do not pass RD to 51,000’ all work fine to Apple spec. 10,000’ so they are fine to use on the ground. We have never had an iPad physically damaged during testing.



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