FAA approval

Airlines, Corporate & Charter Operators require several items to qualify the iPad for paperless ops. GlobalNavSource offers all of the necessary testing, certification and accessories for iPad use as an EFB.

Rapid Decompression or RD testing must be accomplished to prove that the device will withstand a decompression event. The last thing you need during a decompression is the loss of your enroute charts and situational awareness of surrounding terrain. Since iPads are not manufactured in an FAA controlled process and individual part level components are not controlled each serial number device must be tested. We have seen a small percentage of devices that have not been able to operate through an RD event. GlobalNavSource offers cost effective RTCA DO160G RD testing in our specially designed altitude chamber.

EMI must also be addressed to insure the device is neither the cause or the victim of interference within your aircraft type. GlobalNavSource can cover your iPad EMI testing and documentation.

Mounting & Power: GlobalNavSource offers crashworthy documented conformed mount components as well as kneeboards for securing the iPad. GlobalNavSource also offers an iPad TSO'd power supply for extended length operations.

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