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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

GlobalNavSource is excited to announce EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). This app supports paperless operations, and give pilots access to charts, plates, weather, and other data.

EFB - Try it For Free

EFB is available with a free 30 day trial with full access to all features and full USA data.

Designed for In-flight Use

EFB is not a preflight, planning, or entertainment-only app. The app is built for in-flight use in a high workload environment. Whether you drive a B777, GV, or C172, you will appreciate the ease of operation.


All chart & plate data comes directly from GlobalNavSource, no 3rd party subscriptions required. The GlobalNavSource plates leverage FAA & ICAO symbology in a database that covers the world. GlobalNavSource provides seamless compilations of VFR and IFR chart sources, for the easiest chart-browsing experience.

Professional users will appreciate the tailored plates for low visibility/SMGCS, Deice, Ramp/Gate, Special Approaches, RNP SAAR, tailored minimums, and more.


Updates are a breeze. Data updates are handled in the background, while using the app, so using the app is not disrupted. In addition, EFB caches upcoming plates and charts before they are needed, so you are ready to fly.

Updates are accomplished wirelessly and only plates that change are updated. This greatly reduces bandwidth and speeds the update process in comparison to NACO based apps.


Part 135 & Part 121 Operators

Part 135 & Part 121 operators require controlled software for FAA approval of paperless ops. EFB 121 is the controlled version of this app. Operators requiring EFB 121 for paperless operations may contact for more information.

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